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Extremely flexible, Varglas Silicone Resin 500 Sleeving retains its protective properties throughout a wide temperature range (-56°C to +200°C) without cracking. It resists moisture, abrasion, radiation, deterioration, and cut-through and ofers a weight-saving thin-wall construction. Its realatively high dielectric strength breakdown voltage (8000 volts in Grade A) is unaffected even when knotted.

Varglas Silicone Resin 500 and standard Silicone Resin ( Grade C-3) Sleevings are available in a variety of colors and sizes in coils, cut lengths, or on spools.

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Under UL's Component Program, Grade A Varglas Silicone Resin 500 Sleeving is recognized for 200°C, 600 volt service-File E63450. CSA File LR58486. Conforms to MIL-I-3190/5 and is listed on the QPL for 200°C service. Standard Resin in Grade C-3 complies with VW-1, UL file E53690