Coated Electrical Insulating Sleeving

Primary electrical insulation, Varflex braided sleeving is coated with a continuous insulating material...

Class 240

Varglas 240 Silicone Rubber

  • S-A-1
  • (-80°C to +240°C) (-112°F to +464°F)

Class 220

Varglas Viton® 231

  • R-A-1 | R-B-1 | R-C-1
  • (-70°C to +220°C) (-94°F to +428°F)


Varglas ES-4400 Silicone Rubber

  • R-A-1 | R-B-1 | R-C-1
  • (-73°C to +220°C) (-100°F to +428°F)

Class 200

Varglas Silicone Rubber

  • H-A-1 | H-B-1 | H-C-1 | H-C-2 | H-C-3
  • (-73°C to +200°C) (-100°F to +392°F)


Varglas Silicone Resin 500

  • H-A-1 | H-B-1 | H-C-1 | H-C-2 | H-C-3
  • (-56°C to +200°C) (-69°F to +392°F)

Class 155

Varglas A397 & 343 Acrylic

  • F-A-1 | F-B-1 | F-C-1 | F-C-2 | F-C-3
  • (-25°C to +155°C) (-13°F to +311°F)

Class 130


  • B-A-1 | B-B-1 | B-C-1
  • (-34°C to +130°C) (-29°F to +266°F)



  • B-A-1 | B-B-1 | B-C-1 | B-C-2
  • (-34°C to +130°C) (-29°F to +266°F)


Varglas Hermetic

  • B-A-1 | B-C-1
  • (-25°C to +130°C) (-13°F to +266°F)

Uncoated Sleevings

Varflex Uncoated sleevings are braided with our own uptwisted and balanced yarns to produce
final braided products with uniform diameters that are not twisted or distorted.

  • Braiding

    Ability to produce multiple ID wire sizes
    to meet customer specifications.

  • Stocked Braid

    Varflex stocks up to 10 million feet of untreated braid
    in 40 standard types and sizes.

  • Uncoated Braid

    Uniform and not twisted or distorted

Varflex Uncoated Braided Sleeving Products

  • Types: H | HO | HM | ML
  • (-70°C to +482°C) (-94° to +900°F)
  • (-56°C to +200°C) (-69°F to +392°F)
  • Types: H | HO | HP | HM
  • (-70°C to +250°C) (-76°F to +600°F)
  • Types: 94 | 94-H | Undesignated
  • (-55°C to +105°C ) (-67°F to +221°F)
  • Type A: Untreated | Resin Treated
  • Type B: Untreated | Resin Treated
  • Types: Regular Wall | Litewall

Varspan Expandable Sleeving

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Varflex Components: Yarns, Braids & Braider Packages

Varflex Corporation produces our own twisting and plying, yarn winding and braiding in-house and the expertise we have developed and honed over those many years, reinforced by our reputation for quality, is now available to those customers who wish to supplement their own operations through the purchase of Twisted and Plied Yarns, Braider Packages and/or Uncoated Fiberglass Braid.

Custom Product Capabilities

Varflex's research & development staff is constantly developing new, custom products, for clients all over the world.


Many of our now standard products found their initial development as an answer to a customers particular needs when no satifactory existing product was available

Solutions & Unique Approaches

Varflex stands ready to supply special coatings and treatments as well as special braiding and overbraiding using custom materials

Building Success!

Double and triple wall construction. Special Braiding. Custom overbraiding on; plain or coated wire, cable, hose, chain, flexible rod, multi-conductor ribbon wire...and more!